Aussie Pharmacist's Lack of Supplement Knowledge

Aussie Pharmacists' Lack of Supplement Knowledge Revealed by New Study

Blood glucose levels significantly reduced by lentils

Replacing starchy food with lentils decreases blood sugar levels, news study shows.

Intergenerational health effects of trauma

Trauma experienced by a parent during childhood has long-reaching consequences, impacting their own children's health, research shows.

Eating eggs reduces risk of stroke

People who consume an egg a day could significantly reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease compared with non-consumers, a new study suggests.

Herbal panacea for knee osteoarthritis

According to new research, curcumin and boswellia combination is an effective and safe approach to reducing symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.

Role of magnesium in vitamin D activation and function

Magnesium is essential for synthesis, activation and transport of vitamin D, recent review indicates.

Lifestyle Medicine 2018

We’re now delighted to announce that Lifestyle Medicine 2018 will be held 17-19 August 2018 at the Sofitel, Brisbane. Not sure what to expect o ...

Mood and the Gene-Diet-Environment Axis

Solving the neurochemical puzzle with personalised medicine. Presented by Dr Denise Furness PhD BSc RNutr REP (AUS) Register today in your captial cit ...

NIIM 5th Annual Symposium: Integrative Medicine: The Art&Science

The exciting and inspirational 2-day program will feature International and Australian speakers who will present the latest evidence based research, therapies, ...

9th Annual Australian Healthcare Week

Presentations across the event cover the most pressing concerns facing the industry, with case studies across infrastructure, digital health, aged&nbs ...

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