A Webinar presented by Designs for Health Australia:

Advances in Next Generati
CO-Q10 and Heart Health

Integrative Cardiology for Better Patient Outcomes

Webinar presented by Dr Ross Walker and Lea McIntyre ND

7 pm Wednesday 4th December
(Sydney time)

New Approaches to Integrative and Preventative Cardiology

An integrative and preventative approach to cardiology helps to ensure best possible patient outcomes through the management of lifestyle, environment, supplementation, and responsible use of conventional medicines. 

During this webinar, Dr. Walker provides a comprehensive overview on the importance of ubiquinol – the active form of CoQ10 – and its role in integrative cardiology, based on the latest science and evidence-based practice.

Heart health is impacted by many factors including advancing age, genetics, gender, environment and lifestyle. Whilst some of these factors can be difficult to mitigate, research shows managing lifestyle, diet and evidence-based supplementation can improve heart-health function and help reduce risk factors. 

Join Australia’s leading integrative cardiologist in this engaging and educational event to further your knowledge in integrative and preventative cardiology.

In this One-Hour Webinar, Dr Walker will:

  • Explain the physiological needs for healthy cellular and heart function
  • Present an overview of recent science on Ubiquinol and it’s application in clinical practice
  • Discuss the latest evidence based diagnostic tests for cardiovascular health
  • Share integrative and preventative cardiology insights to support better patient outcomes
  • Discuss how ubiquinol is created in the body, it’s role, depletion factors and the impact on heart health
  • Share his experience of an integrative medicine approach to preventative cardiology
  • Present case histories and protocols to manage cardiovascular symptoms and restore health 

Date: Wednesday, 4 December, 2019
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