The 2020 ACNEM Conference: Environmental Disruptors – Rising to the Challenge

The 2020 ACNEM Conference: Environmental Disruptors - Rising to the Challenge, brings together world leading presenters to explore the latest research on the environmental factors affecting human health. Researchers and clinicians will address environmental disruptors and conditions now commonly seen in clinical practice. Diagnosis and treatment options will also be explored through a series of case study presentations and panel discussions.

Everyday disease caused by nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors has ravaged the human population.
Practitioners are now at the forefront of a crucial revolution to find short- and long-term health solutions for the planet and its people.

The 2020 ACNEM Conference program will provide insight into the latest research and address environmental disruptors affecting human health including:

  • Environmental and nutritional toxins and toxicants
  • Common conditions affected by environmental disruptors
  • Brain and Mental Health disruption
  • Electromagnetic disruption - understanding the facts
  • Chronic Infection and Immune disruption

Join us and gain valuable insight and tools to guide and empower your patients through their lifestyle, diet and environmental changes, for better health outcomes.

Registrations for ACNEM's 2020 Conference are now open.
The 2020 Conference marks the 10th year anniversary and it is anticipated the biggest turnout yet.

To register, click on the link below-

Date: Friday, 19 June, 2020 – Sunday, 21 June, 2020
Location: Pullman Melbourne on The Park

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