In pre-disposed individuals, immune ageing can lead to frank autoimmune disease, manifesting with chronic inflammation and irreversible tissue damage. Emerging data support the concept that autoimmunity results from ageing-induced failure of fundamental cellular processes, genomic instability, loss of mitochondrial fitness, failing proteostasis, dwindling lysosomal degradation and inefficient autophagy. 

The conference shines a spotlight on the underlying mechanisms of both autoimmunity and longevity. Many of the dietary and lifestyle interventions and evidence-based treatment protocols designed to prevent and reverse autoimmunity are the same approaches used to enhance longevity. 

Our speakers, including thought leaders such as Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Jason Hawrelak, Dr. Christabelle Yeoh, Professor Thomas Borody, Paul Taylor, Dr. Denise Furness, Dr. Mark Donohoe, Prof. Stephen Myers, Nicole Bijlsma & Dr. Elizabeth Steels, will unravel the sometimes-unexpected connections between gut health, mitochondrial health, hormones, genetics, fasting, autophagy, diet, stress, inflammation, movement, hormesis and autoimmune reversal and longevity pathways.  

  • Understand how diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation can reverse debilitating auto-immune conditions with world authority, Dr. Terry Wahls 
  • Discover the latest research on fasting and its implications for autoimmunity and longevity, presented by Prof. Stephen Myers. 
  • Learn about the auto-immune microbiome with global pioneer in gut health, Prof. Thomas Borody  

The ACNEM 2024 Annual Conference explores the latest thinking, a broad range of expertise, research, insight and practical protocols to improve patient outcomes.


  • Exploring the Shared Pathways for the Treatment of Autoimmunity and the Promotion of Longevity 
  • Functional Medicine Approach to Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Conditions 
  • Fasting/Fasting Mimicking Diet: What the research says? 
  • Gut microbiota and longevity 
  • The genetics of autoimmunity 
  • The role of exercise in autoimmune disease and longevity 
  • Nutrient and herbal protocols for your auto immune patients 
  • The Role of Hormesis in Auto-immune Recovery and Longevity 

Day 1: Friday 19th July

Time: Registration 8:30AM; Start 8:50AM; Morning tea 11:00AM; Lunch 1:00PM; Networking Drinks 4:00PM

Day 2: Saturday 20th July

Time: Registration 8:30AM; Start 9:00AM; Morning tea 10:30AM; Lunch 12:30PM; Afternoon tea 3:45PM; Close 5:15PM

Face-to-face & live streamed event

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Date: Friday, 19 July, 2024 – Saturday, 20 July, 2024
Location: Pullman Melbourne on the Park, 192 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne,

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