Join us to understand the drivers behind fatigue, energy production and discover strategies for sustaining vitality.

In this exclusive session presented by Dr Nicholas Morgan, you will learn:

  • How fatigue exists on a spectrum
  • What is mitochondrial chemistry & what role does it play?
  • How toxins & gut dysbiosis can contribute to fatigue
  • How cells rely on mitochondria for energy production
  • About clean energy sources for optimal cellular metabolism and energy
  • Ways to live more ‘cleanly’, including the importance of clean air, water and food
  • The importance of detoxing for your body
  • Identify the threats to energy in modern life and strategies to maximize your body’s energy blueprint

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Date: Tuesday, 23 April, 2024
Location: NIIM Building, Level 3, 11-23 Burwood Road Hawthorn

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