Placebo pills relieve chronic pain

Placebo benefits in patients with chronic pain can be predicted by brain anatomy and psychological traits, new research shows.

Fructose consumption linked to asthma

High- fructose beverages are associated with increased asthma incidence, new study confirms.

How does helping people affect the brain?

Providing 'targeted' social support to people in need activates regions of the brain involved in parental care, new study reveals.

Myrtle increases HPV clearance

According to new research, myrtle increases clearance of human papilloma virus and improves lesions of cervix and vagina.

Ketogenic diet improves seizures

Children with drug - resistant epilepsy respond positively to ketogenic diet, with significant reduction in seizure activity.

Delay menopause with diet

This is the first study to demonstrate the association between diet and age at natural menopause.

Mood and the Gene-Diet-Environment Axis

Solving the neurochemical puzzle with personalised medicine. Presented by Dr Denise Furness PhD BSc RNutr REP (AUS) Register today in your captial cit ...

ACNEM Training Immune Conditions

Join us on 11-12 October in Melbourne for a brand new learning module on Immune Conditions. This module will explore the biological, nutritional and environmen ...

NIIM 5th Annual Symposium: Integrative Medicine: The Art&Science

The exciting and inspirational 2-day program will feature International and Australian speakers who will present the latest evidence based research, therapies, ...

9th Annual Australian Healthcare Week

Presentations across the event cover the most pressing concerns facing the industry, with case studies across infrastructure, digital health, aged&nbs ...

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