Fish oil in pregnancy improves brain function in children

Children born to mothers who consumed fish oil during pregnancy show better cognitive abilities, according to a recent study.

New Shingles Vaccine Available in Australia

GSK has announced a new vaccine to help protect against shingles in adults aged 50 years and older.

Tribal lifestyle for graceful aging

Tsimane people of the Bolivian Amazon show less brain atrophy than their Western counterparts, by as much as 70%, according to a recent study.

Propolis for upper respiratory tract infections

Propolis oral spray effectively resolves symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection without pharmacological intervention.

Spatial cognitive training enhances mathematical abilities in children

Large study indicates that spatial cognitive exercises improve academic performance in children.

Cancer prevalence pre-industrialisation

The first in-depth study to quantify cancer incidence in the pre-industrial Britain, confirming the detrimental impact of modern living on health outcomes.

2021 ACNEM Conference: Healthy Ageing

We are in the midst of an ageing population explosion. In Australia alone we will have over 4 millio ...

Dietitians Australia 2021 Conference

To quench our thirst for physical connection, whilst still providing the option to dial in from home ...

Diabetes Revolution: International Online Summit 2021

Almost all clinical practice guidelines for common chronic and lifestyle-related diseases support li ...

Medical Cannabis: Research, Regulation and Education

Bringing together Australia’s leading medicinal cannabis researchers, academics and clinicians ...

NIIM 7th Annual Symposium

Learn from highly qualified International and Australian speakersNIIM’s commitment is to bring ...

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