Electronic Scripts from Early 2020: ADHA

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) expects to see electronic prescriptions start to become available as soon as the first quarter of 2020, after the re ...

Testosterone therapy increases risk of stroke and heart attack

Aging men on testosterone replacement therapy show an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, new study reports.

Probiotics boost gut health in premature babies

Giving billions of live bacteria to premature babies has shown to half the number of serious gut infections.

Nuts for better neurodevelopment in children

For the first time, this study shows a link between a nut-rich maternal diet during pregnancy and improved neurodevelopment in the child.

Remedy menorrhagia with boswellia and ginger

Boswellia and ginger show benefits in menorrhagia, according to new research.

Healthier diet reduces depression in youth

Young adults with depression showed significantly fewer symptoms after eating a healthy diet for three weeks, according to a new study.

NIIM 6th Annual Symposium - Integrative Medicine: The Art&Science

Friday 29 & Saturday 30 November 2019 (Attend One or Both Days) EARLY BIRD PRICES EXTENDED TO 11 NOVEMBER 4 International & 21 Australian speakers inc ...

Melbourne Mental Health Conference 2019

Do you work in a hospital, in primary care, or in the community? Do you regularly care for people with a concurrent mental illness? Even if you are highly exper ...

AIMA Conference 2020

“An integrative approach to personal, patient and planetary wellbeing” The AIMA Conference 2020 is New Zealand’s leading event for the integr ...

8th BioCeuticals Research Symposium

The 8th BioCeuticals Research Symposium will be held from 3-5 April 2020 at the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne. Under the theme of Influences on Hormone Health: Diet, ...

IMgateway Partners

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  • ANTA and UnityHealth look forward to working closely together to continue to bring practitioners the latest information and up to date resources.

    Brian Coleman (ANTA Executive Officer)
  • IMgateway was recommended to us as the most useful and practical website to general practitioners by Professor Marc Cohen.

    Dr Maria Lombardo (South West Regional Training Group Coordinator)
  • It makes good sense, that clinical staff should have access to a resource like IMgateway which provides them readily with the authoritative and evidence-based information they need on complementary medicines, their uses and effects and their known interactions ...

    Dr Allen Yuen (Past Director of Emergency Medicine)
  • Given the high use of Complementary Medicine (CM) in Australia and the progressive integration of CM with conventional medicine, medical, nursing and allied health staff need access to evidence-based information to assist ...

    Bernadette Sinclair (Nurse Manager, Quality Support Unit Prince Charles Hospital)